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Allow me to introduce myself, I am Finbar Barry, and I have the privilege of being the proud father of Thomas.

Thomas was born with Downs Syndrome as well as a host of other serious illnesses ie, Perthes Disease, Hirschsprung Disease, Heart Murmur, Under-active Thyroid, Hiatus Hernia, stomach Re-flux. Thomas was the youngest person in Ireland to have a total hip replacement. As a child he was always sick and spent many months each year in hospital for various illnesses. When he reached the age of about 14 years old he was constantly telling me he was going to get himself a job and to make a lunch for him. I suppose he got the idea of going to work from watching his older brothers and myself going out to work, so he thought he would do the same. His Mother and I would humor him each time he brought up the subject by saying ‘O yes Thomas you will get a job maybe next year’.

In reality Thomas could never hold down a regular type of job due to his intellectual and physical disabilities, but this had no effect on his creative desire to express his inner self. Those who know Thomas know when he makes up his mind about something he is very determined to see it through.

I have been looking at some options over the years in the hope to provide some way for Thomas to feel like he can have a job just like everybody else (bearing in mind his disabilities) and the answer was staring me in the face,Thomas has always played with socks, he would put one sock into the other and swings them round his fingers for hours he is quite an expert with it after many years of practice.He never played much with toys in his early childhood  but would go nowhere without his socks, some children get comfort from a teddy with Thomas it was always the socks,  .

Introducing Thomas’s Trendy Socks, an online store showcasing Thomas’s passion for stylish and comfortable socks. With the support of his loved ones and valued customers, Thomas to launched Thomp2 Socks, a unique and personal brand named after his signature “Thomp2″. Join us in celebrating Thomas’s creative vision and exceptional taste in fashion-forward socks.”

Discover our stylish and trendy sock collection, as well as our specially designed socks to support the Downs Syndrome community. Your purchase not only adds to your fashion statement but also contributes to a great cause, as we pledge to donate 5% of our profits to St. John of Gods, the organization that has been providing care for Thomas for many years. By choosing our socks, you are supporting Thomas in realizing his dreams. Spread the word to your loved ones and friends and join us in making a difference. We can’t wait to hear from you soon.

The Launch

What a fantastic day at the Hampton Hotel on the 12th of May. Thank you so much to all those who came along and showed your support. Special thanks to Paul Dillon Photography for organising the event, Ruby O Kelly for the lovely music, Lisa Hogan for the amazing pictures, Graham Kennedy for wrapping his Jaguar in Thomas’s Logo,  Paul Jones for bringing along is amazing Mustang and to all the friends and family who helped make the day special!

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Our team

We are a proud family-owned and operated business, founded with the aim of providing purpose and fulfillment to Thomas. The idea was initiated by Thomas’s father, Finbar, and with the support of his grandson, Shane, Thomp2.com came to life.

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